Conventional Method


In a developing economy like India, creating jobs and providing employment is the top most prairies. Conventional way of laying pipes and cables provides employment to a lot of people. Hence, the approach to the Indian Market is to launch the trenchless way of operation hand-in-hand with the traditional method. It does not make sense any more to dig up high value surfaces of megacities and townships which cause incalculable disruption, inconvenience and rising social cost. This method is time consuming moreover it results in disruption to public and business sectors. Therefore the traditional method should continue to operate in the outer of the city which will continue to provide employment but the high value surfaces must be dealt through trenchless method.

However following difficulties arise while laying utilities through Conventional Method.

  • Long waiting period for getting permission to dig up roads. In certain cases it may not even be granted at all.
  • High Corporate Tax.
  • Traffic Congestion, Inconvenience to People, Pollution and Rising Social Cost.
  • Very often it damages other utilities then Drilling Company has to pay large compensations.

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