Trenchless Technology



It is a globally accepted Horizontal Directional Drilling (HDD) system, by which cables, power cables, sewage pipes, gas and water pipes are installed without least disturbing surface traffic, city roads and crossings. It installs Pipes and Cables from 0.25 mm dia upto 1.6 Meters dia.. through Trenchless Technology/No-Dig Method It is a gentle technology which uses the drilling suspension and replaces the conventional trenching. Method. The process avoids the digging of streets and pavements, reduces the cost without causing any noise or traffic. This Technology is extended to the environmental sector, e.g. sealing of contaminated waste disposals dewatering and landslide prevention. Due to the lack of information’s available on the existing utilities prevailing under the city grounds, laying of new utilities becomes complex without damaging the existing utility. This technology takes all these into consideration and include state-or-art operator stations, with controls that are consistent from one unit to the next, Hydraulic pipe loaders, on-board fluid systems, high rotation speed and high torque matched for exceptional performance, Hydrostatic Ground drive, high horse power, advanced make-up and break-out systems, rapid carriage speed, rigged frame, integrated Tracking systems etc.



The technique of directional drilling begins with the boring of a small diameter pilot hole to the design profile, incorporating monitoring and adjustment of the alignment as the bore is advanced.




In a developing economy like India, creating jobs and providing employment is the top most prairies. Conventional way of laying pipes and cables provides employment to a lot of people.


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